She talks to him about Boone, asking how he is holding up, and Chad answers by saying how he is obviously upset, and then when Chanel tries to get back together with him again, he reveals he still does not want to date someone who's the president of a sorority filled with freaks and losers. Brock confesses that the only reason he even had sex with Cathy in the first place was because he was bummed about losing his chance with Chanel. Chanel then had a bright idea come to her mind, she thought of making Hester over so there would be one less "disaster" inside the Kappa house. The Chanels are locked-up in a mall by Red Devil. Everyone is impatiently waiting for Chad to come. In slow-motion, The Chanels skip gleefully and excitingly down the hall, as #1 grabs flowers. When Chanel returns to the house, she discovers that #5 is wearing her Halloween costume, Jackie Kennedy. Chanel is ruthless, selfish, and fashionable. From there, they all walk into Chanel's closet and find a distraught Hester laying on the ground with a stiletto heel jammed into her eye socket. Chanel Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families. Chanel says that if #5 wants forgiveness, she has to go out during that night to prepare the pumpkin patch party that will be celebrated no matter what Dean Munsch said. #9 begins having a minor meltdown, but as soon as Chanel pricks her, she relaxes and realizes it wasn't as bad as she expected. Chanel asks what kind of skirt Gigi is wearing, and Gigi excuses Chanel to go back to the sorority, but before she leaves, Chanel threatens Cathy that she does not "fight fair." However, Chanel catches her and reveals it is where Kappa "keeps its darkest secrets" and tells her Sophia's story, and also that Cathy knew about the death and covered it up for the 1995 sorority sisters. She stomps away. She is later seen approaching Dr. Brock, asking him for his help in doing this, as she realized that #3 and #5 are too stupid to do so. Ian Brennan served as writer and Barbara Brown served as Chanel introduces Hester Ulrich as Chanel #6. He stated that the role was written for her because she kept saying "I want to be snarky again. Chad's body falls on the table, his throat slit. The next morning, the Chanels are all gathered in Cathy's office. This was his redemption. When Jennifer reveals it is a tie, Chanel gets angry and blames Chanel #5 for it, calling her weird and an idiot for not ensuring that she would win the election, making #5 surprised and a little sad. Dean Munsch and the Chanels visit Hester at the asylum again. Chanel then attempts to embrace him, but he rejects and walks away, leaving Chanel to cry alone in the hallway. Afterwards, Chanel say she that she doesn't know why any of this hasn't to do with Ingrid. Chanel calls them Chanel #2, #3, and #5 because she does not know and care about their names. Chanel #5 gets even more freaked out and says that she will not tolerate this, because #1 has no respect for any of the Kappa members and the rules of the house, so she does not deserve to be president, and Zayday agrees with her. However, little did the Chanels know that Boone was actually alive. However when Grace tells Pete about it, they decide to investigate the body, but Chanel and Chad arrive in the storage room and discover that the body is missing, causing Chanel to believe that Ms. Bean is still alive. Suddenly, a wave of hospital patients appear in critical condition, and Hester hides away in the crowd, while the staff rush to help the patients after they were all poisoned by apples contaminated with DMT which was done by the killer. Rick wants to defend Tommy but Chanel #5 makes him stumble. Chanel and Brock immediately turn to Cathy, who pretends to be shocked, but Chanel threatens that she will get Cathy back for what she's done. For Chanel, #3 is the only one that is close to being "normal" but does not think she should be talking a lot with Sam, one of the pledges who has become one of #3's closest friends, which makes Chanel #3 angry. However, the masked person doesn't respond and gives Chanel a throat slitting gesture, before throwing an IV stand and chasing after Chanel, using the stand as her weapon. The two fight over Chanel which ends when Chanel rejecting them both. They hear a scream and rush towards to discover party guests massacred by the Green Meanie. Chanel stands up from the table the girls are eating lunch and says "Later, losers", leaving Millie, Maria, and Eva really surprised and offended. Typically, Chanel considers everyone an enemy and inferior to her. I heard this script and episode was fantastic and wanted to see the style and other attributes of it. Zayday then busts in through the room and reveals that the Red Devil kidnapped her and put her in a pit and also reveal that the Red Devil prepared her a dinner date but escaped once she stabbed him in the hand with a fork. Some footage shows the girls receiving their present with their reactions being filmed. WebWhen Denise Hemphill hears her screams, she leaves Shondell alone asleep and goes to the Kappa house. Chanel excitingly walks up to #3 and #5. Chanel feels a drop of red on her shoulder, followed by another. He reveals that he was paid a silence to the massacre and used the money to start the Esrun cream company. Hester wanted to know everything about him. They are then approached by Ingrid Marie Hoffel, who is very hostile and says that the girls don't belong there. I said, Oh my God! The scene cuts to the Chanels and Cathy, who are bringing the stretcher that had Tyler's body in a dark hallway. This is seen when she strips down to her underwear upon seeing him in the shower, even though she previously refused to do so as she dislikes the hospital scrubs. All The Chanels gasp in shock thinking that Chanel is the killer. Chanel says Chad wanted her to walk in first. Chanel asks if they're at least still getting paid, and when the Dean says they were never getting paid, the three scream in terror. Chanel then sends Daria on a scavenger hunt in the morgue, however Tristan intervenes resulting in his death. Chanel screams in horror. The Red Devil is later seen watching all the girls through the window, ending with the episode. Chad suggests that Hester was not actually dead and that she got up and walked away after the Chanels put her there, to which Chanel gets worried. Zayday has an epiphany as she spells out a word. Chanel and Hester during the Kappa slumber party. The three later return to the living room so Chanel can give Zayday the key of the storage room, which hides Kappa's darkest secrets. She was the daughter of Kate Roberts, the younger sister of Unbeknownst to Chanel, Cathy and Gigi discuss a new plan, instead of revoking the charter, they decided to allow anyone to become a pledge, which they announce at the party. Chanel asks the other Chanels about the music they hired for her party, Hester Ulrich gets Maroon 5 and Chanel #3 gets Fergie and accidentally also hired Sarah Ferguson (Sarah, Duchess of York) to attend the party. She notices a trail of blood droplets on the floor and decides to follow it down the hall, leading her to Brandon's room, where Hester is forcefully feeding him blood-filled foods. While having dinner, the girls become overwhelmed with paranoia and accuse each other of being the killer, however, Chanel reveals that the girls need to keep the tradition of Kappa house and respect each other like sisters. WebMonologue from Scream Queens Alejandra Hernandez 90 subscribers 21 1.5K views 10 years ago (Setting: In an Insane Asylum behind glass) Nancy is a seductive and insane Chanel asks her if that's why she is in that neck brace. After Hester walks into Chanel's closet and begins trying on some of her clothes, Chanel interrupts her feels as though Hester has violated her "closet vag". Now he can be forgiven for killing all those people. Chanel shrieks once the operation goes successful. Chanel starts screaming and frantically asks Hester what's going on, to which Hester admits that when she's bored she daydreams about ways to murder people. WebSteven Munsch was a minor character on Season One of Scream Queens. The Chanels are really excited to meet the person who will organize Chanel's pumpkin patch party for her Kappa Kappa Tau presidential campaign, who also organized Chanel's Sweet Sixteen. Millie also says that the real friendships are the ones that are made inside of prison. She and Grace meet again at the universitys caf, where Chanel gives Grace a pumpkin spice latte, which she pulls aside, claiming not to trust Chanel at all. She is amazed by the costume and asks the identity of the person. Chanel and #5 have a strained relationship that can sometimes appear antagonistic, because both disagree in a lot of things. She is about to pull the trigger when Denise Hemphill shows up with two other cops. The rest of the Chanels then take Chanel out of the room after Denise dismisses her. They come across Denise's dead body and ignore #5, until Chanel calls her out for being insensitive as Denise is dead. Chanel seems unsure, and as she steps into the elevator, she expresses that after everything happened with Chad, she just needs some me-time. Dearly beloved, we're gathered here today because a backstabbing little bitch got exactly what was coming to her. Cathy has no choice but to alert the authorities and tells Chanel and Chanel #3 to call the police. She and #3 later interrupt a kiss between Tyler and #5, saying that he passed their test - he saw past #5's hideous looks and accept her for who she is. Spotlight: Twitter: Chanel is then seen at the Halloween party with the rest of the staff. Nuevo proyecto de Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story). Boone after the Red Devil open his drawer. Ingrid reveals that her last name isn't "Hoffel" but "Bean". Everyone claps and cheers. Part black comedy, part slasher flick, SCREAM QUEENS is a modern take on the classic whodunit, in which every character has a motive for murder Or could easily be the next blood-soaked casualty. Written by Fox. She is later seen when Dean Munsch introduces the new Wallace University mascot, Coney. Chanel locates the source of the sound, and sees someone hiding in bed sheets, when suddenly she jumps up, revealing herself to be Hester. Unknown to Chanel, the Red Devil had turned the fryer on, when Chanel decided to drown Ms. Bean in the fryer, revealing that she is suffering from severe burns and eventually dies. Chanel responds by saying that she's not demeaning anyone and is simply being rash and confident because she was the one to find the cure for Catherine. Although the Chanels try ghosting at first, Chanel #5 quickly asks Catherine embarrassing questions about her disease. Now having to make up for #9's blood deficit, Chanel states she'll need to draw more blood from #5, causing #5 to sob in agony, as she's already donated nine pints in two days. The Chanels are Chanel's sidekicks and initially considered her their best friend. [3] For all the scenes Emma ( Will Fitzgerald) is on the phone talking to the killer on the other line, the voice on the phone was actually one of the assistant directors, who just read the lines in the room. However, she explains that she doesn't actually plan on eating the popcorn, but rather throwing them on the floor to make "the fatties" feel bad and says that this is one of her favorite hobbies. He considers it very funny, but she's mad at him. She and her friends insult him some more before he interrupts them. He says he wants her back before they go to see Randal, which makes Chanel happy. Angry, Chanel clarifies that she is really rich and money is not a problem for her, so demands the maze that she wanted immediately. Pete admits to Grace that he was part of the Red Devil scheme, and claims responsibility shooting Chanel in the mall. If any of you bitches die while protecting a sister, you're allowed to skip the rest of hell week. She is the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau, later alongside Zayday Williams. She expresses how much she wanted to be a fashion girl but tragedy struck. An eight-man mariachi band plays as Chad tells Chanel he's been thinking a lot about them. Maika Monroe Monroe is another of the new generation of scream queens who have emerged in the mid-late 2010s. Thus, they bought the laser he needs. When they all exit the room, they observe the nurses. After Cathy stops Chad and declares him a suspect, Dr. Brock announces the next body he touches with his hands will be Chanel's. Back at the hospital in Cathy's office, the group is contemplating the Green Meanie's motive. Cathy retaliates by suggesting Chanel is riddled with STDs, and Brock seems apprehensive about the thought of such. Hester tells Chanel that she is pregnant with Chad's baby. Chanel and #3 are seen scrubbing dirty bedpans, when they are pursued by Ingrid. After Denise Hemphill defused a bomb, and Cassidy dies, the group chase after Ingeid in the woods. She suggests that they give Hester a job at the hospital to keep her occupied and prevent her from murdering anyone important, to which Cathy obliges. Ingrid tells the crowd to shut up, before explaining that the blood drive will now be turned into a contest, with the prize being an all-expense-paid trip to Blood Island. Chanel gets tired of that and suggests to go and get some pizza, which the other girls agree, but a guy named Tommy interrupts them asking which of them would like to be his costume for Halloween, and says that he is going as "Dude Having Awesome Sex With You". The Chanels and Denise discover Jennifer's corpse. Brock tells Chanel that he should've told her about what happened. Later on, she goes to visit Hester at her asylum with the Dean, #3 and Denise Hemphill. Chanel is very spoiled and regularly clarifies that she is extremely rich. Every time Chanel wants something she has to get it, or else, she will make a big scene in front of everyone which involves her screaming and crying because she feels superior and no one can ever tell her to stop because she will start insulting that person physically and emotionally. Outside the hospital, Cathy is seen holding up contaminated pints of blood to the Chanels, Zayday, and Ingrid. Grace then goes back to investigate the secret door, and discovers the bathtub that Sophia died in during the 1995 flashback while giving birth during a Kappa party. Chanel #5 gets angry and says that she cannot turn a pledge into a Chanel, but #1 says that she is running out of minions now that two Chanels are dead. He opens the door and Chanel asks if he has duct-tape strapped to his leg, and she says "Kinky". They decide using Tristan as Green Meanie bait, they end up settling on Daria. She considers suicide, but Zayday convinces her to rise up and reform her cruel ways. She is also one out of the 7 characters to be in all episodes. However, she opens her designated cabinet to find that all of her samples have been stolen. At some point, Chanel arranged a meeting with Grace, and then proceeded to tell her the truth about her mother and her relationship with her father, insulting the two of them in the process, before insulting Grace as well. After a brief confrontation at the board, Chanel collapses to the ground, screaming in defeat, as Cathy points and laughs at her. Tommy says that if she is trying to say that he is the responsible for them to look sexy then they should thank him. Just then, Ingrid comes into the room and awards Chanel with her blood drive trophy. He goes down on one knee to an ecstatic Chanel, but hands her a prenup instead of a ring. The girls angrily refuse, and after Ingrid leaves, Chanel has an epiphany and realizes that the reason they are so miserable is because they don't have anyone to boss around. Chanel compares his attitude with Red Devil, and later Chanel #3 asks sarcastically that if he is going to call them "sweetheart" now, and he answers that he will because it is kind of his signature move. Chanel then notes that the killer is an idiot since they failed to kill anyone, however, Zayday assumes that the killer used this as a distraction. He quickly apologizes, but she encourages him to continue as she hasn't been mandhandled in two years. Seeing as the information gathered by the Chanels was not relevant, Chanel storms off the room, quoting her father and telling the Chanels that she will pay a professional to dig up dirt on Grace and Zayday. The girls all grab assorted kitchen utensils as weaponry, and slowly walk upstairs to the source of the noise. Brock's evil hand breaks free from under the table, and grabs a kitchen knife nearby and yells that he doesn't want to talk about it. All her life, all she wanted to do is to have a great boyfriend like Chad, be the president of Kappa Kappa Tau, and rule the roost. Chanel assures her that he is not her actual uncle but is only called her uncle due to her mom and his relationship. The attacker slashes the IV stand at the doorstep as Chanel fearfully crawls away. After last night's horrifying events, Gigi announces that she is hiring a security guard to protect the girls in Kappa Kappa Tau, however the Chanels still need to get rid of Chanel #2's body before the security find her themselves. The Chanels meaning confused and thoughtless. Denise then claims that she didn't kill Chad, but has a suspicion that Cathy did and revealed that Chad was in fact in love with her, not Chanel. She later appears when dean Cathy Munsch announced that the campus will be closed for Halloween and any student will be able to go out of their houses, and Chanel gets angry because her pumpkin patch party is over. Scream Queens are a horror staple, and debate has raged for decades over which actresses deserve top billing. But whenever I'd find myself descending a staircase in heels, you can bet #2 was right there behind me with a helpful little nudge. She mocks Chanel #5 by mentioning to everyone that she has vagina teeth and always makes her feel like the lucky whiny loser Chanel brought in. While discussing a plan to get rid of the body, Hester Ulrich walks in and reveals her interest in "death" and how to dispose of the body properly, however Chanel ignores her help and decides to take Chanel #2's body in the freezer instead. Ilya4otim. They immediately suspect Dr. Cassidy Cascade. 41:43. She is one of the 10 survivors of Season 1. It is revealed that it was actually just Hester wearing a blonde wig in order to frame Chanel, as the video only shows her from the back. WebMatt Rimmington. She later goes to confront Denise (who is wearing Chanel's wedding dress) about trying to ruin her life and accuses her of killing Chad. Chad quickly picks up on the flirtatious nature of Brock and Chanel's relationship. Interested by this, Denise decided to tell them a couple of ghost stories, stating that they'll be so scared of the cautionary tales that they will forget about the Red Devil and Boone's ghost. The Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. The next day, while at the Barista the Chanels discuss new ways to torture the pledges, until Boone comes up and asks Chanel to not tell anyone he is gay because he will get kicked out of the Dollar Scholars and also threatens that if she does tell or if anyone finds out he will join the Kappa Kappa Tau (since anyone can join now), but Chanel #5 is furious with Boone's announcement, while Chanel sees it as a way to become famous if she became the first person to allow a gay guy in the female sorority, despite Chanel #5's pleas to not allow it to happen. Chanel Oberlin is the protagonist villain of Scream Queens, however due to her mean-spirited and merciless attitude she is considered as an anti-villainess or anti-heroine. Brock explains that he must play dangerous games with his hand to show that he is in control, and Chanel then seductively grabs Brock and confesses that when she is around him, her hands also seem to have a mind of their own. Chanel then begins to set up the blood collection tubes for #9, asking if she has a particular vein she wants punctured, but a squeamish #9 freaks out and confesses that she is terrified of needles, before running out of the apartment screaming and having a total meltdown. Cathy, Zayday, Denise, and the Chanels go to investigate Hester's clue. In Season Two, they are hired by Cathy Munsch to work as medical students in her hospital, where yet another series of murders take place. #1 says to #3 that she should not judge her for her plan, because they all know that she just talks to Sam because she thinks she has karate abilities. She explains that if she isn't given something useful to do, at least one person in the apartment will end up dying. This way, they won't lose any more sisters. I'm way too nice. But she does not know if the story was an urban myth. Popularity, humiliating, and blackmailing are essential things in her life. #1 does not think she is meaning her words, because #5 has said multiple times in the past that she is done with Chanel and yet she is always there standing by her side. With Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Keke Palmer. Dr. Brock puts his arm around her and his new hand starts caressing her ominously. She realizes that Brock was going to propose to her. Chanel sings a song to Brock. She can show kindness on occasion, such as the time she tried to buy the Chanels pink Jeeps in the spirit of Christmas or the time she defended Hester at the Radwells Thanksgiving dinner, but these displays are usually cancelled out by other bad things she does, or they have an ulterior motive. #5 eavesdrops and tells Chanel that she didn't cheat and no one, in fact, help her. Suddenly, Chanel comes to a halt, claiming that there is a horrible burning smell coming from the dining room. After listening to Chad's speech about courage, he blames her for Dean Munsch's decision of cancelling Halloween and compliments Hester's breasts to make her jealous. Cathy rushes to stop Chad from performing surgery on Brock. Chanels is completely dumbfounded and horrified. However, Chanel #3 spots an open door, and the Chanels run away. #3 suggests Hester had something to do with it, and they agree. Refusing to be apprehended, Chanel attempts to ran away with Chanel #3 and Libby following but were taken away by a bunch of officer-clad male strippers sent by Denise to escort them out of the sorority house. Chanel leaves with glee. Chanel #5 still continually rants about how nobody is consoling her, as Zayday still grieves the death of Earl Grey, who was murdered earlier. Should I get #5 a pair of 99-cent brass studs that'll turn her earlobes green and give her an infection or a pair of $1.99 danglies that'll get caught on her sweater and tear her earholes? They take Ms. Bean's body and store it in a freezer, where Chanel swears the pledges to secrecy. #5 is unable to hire Led Zeppelin as musical guests for the party because one of them died, and #1 starts to scream at her saying that everything is her fault and that she is tired of her lame excuses. Hester appears dressed as Ivanka Trump, while Chanel #5 appears dressed as her mother. This encounter prompts Chanel to speak to Cathy about Hester the following day, confessing that she was the one who allowed Hester to move into the apartment to help them figure out who the killer is. After Chanel escapes, the person takes of their mask, revealing that it's Hester. Chanel later introduces Hester as "Chanel #6" to the other girls, and they looked surprised. The three of them then go to confront Hester in Brandon's room, as Cathy assumes that Hester is responsible for #9's murder. Later at work, Chanel asks #3, #5, and Hester for some advice since Brock's homicidal raging hand tried to kill her. She also found out the pregnant lady gave birth to a baby boy, who, today, would be approximately 30. Minutes later, Chanel screams running down the stairs revealing that the Red Devil tried to kill her, but Denise tells them not to go upstairs to catch the killer, but they go upstairs anyway (unknown to them, the killer is not in the house and kills Denise's co-worker, Shondell), while the girls discover graffiti, the killer left saying, "SLUTS WILL DIE" causing them to scream in horror. The next day at night, Chanel gives some pink nunchakus to all the Kappa sisters so they can fend off the killer. lewd words that start with s 5 letters,
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